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How Counselling can help

Issues we help with

We can both help can  help with:

Anger management Infertility
Anxiety Life Transitions
Behavioural issues Obsessive  compulsive (OCD)
Bereavement Parenting
Bipolar disorder Peer relationships
Borderline Personality Personality disorders.
Bullying Physical abuse/violence.
Career guidance Relationship issues
Chronic illness Self esteem/self confidence
Chronic Impulsivity Self-harming
Coping Skills Sexual abuse
Depression and burn out Sleep issues
Dissociative disorders Stress
Domestic Abuse Suicidal ideation
Emotional disturbance Trauma/PTSD
Family Conflict Women’s issues


Issues Janey can help with

Janey specialises in working with parents suffering with their emotional health in the perinatal period (antenatal and post natal), such as antenatal, anxiety, depression, tokophobia(fear of child birth), birth trauma and post natal depression/anxiety. Janey also has received specialist training in working with clients who are or have experienced infertility issues, have had or are currently having treatment for infertility. This includes those who have had difficult pregnancies , or have experienced pregnancy loss .  Janey is also qualified to work with parent and infant relationships and with those parents who are having difficulties in bonding with their babies. Janey is also passionate about providing support for dads or partners too.

Janey worked for 25 years as a general nurse , children's nurse, neonatal nurse, and health visitor in the NHS, and has a good insight into the stress and pressure front line services are under and can offer them appropriate support and understand many of the issues they may be facing.