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Therapy for Emergency Service Workers

Therapy for Emergency services Workers 

We have experience working for the NHS and emergency services as front line workers and have a good understanding of the impact on individuals and their families. Between us we have over 60 years of experience both as workers and managing services. We are passionate about providing a professional service for those of you giving a great proportion of yourselves to helping others as we are very aware of the toll that can take on you and your family.   Jon has experience of providing front line response to many high level emergency situations and has personal understanding of the high level of stress associated with this. Janey has experience of working in frontline roles within the NHS and currently works as a counsellor for a leading UK emergency service. 

We offer an integrative approach which is person centred informed but can draw on many other therapies including trauma -based CBT.

Having a therapist who has experienced the type of stresses and difficult situations presented in working in front line services can be very helpful in forming a therapeutic working relationship.

We have worked effectively with many individuals experiencing PTSD symptoms, burnout, bereavement, anxiety and depression as a result of high levels of accumulative stress.