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Jon Sutton (EMDR Europe)


I’m an accredited counsellor with the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy, an EMDR (Europe) therapist and IMRs for childhood trauma (imagery re-scripting) therapist. I have over 30 years experience, helping young people (ages 13 years to 17 years) and adults, both within, and supporting alongside emergency services with first-response exposure and experience to traumatic and distressing incidents. I feel this enables a unique empathy and understanding of the reality of what its like to suffer in silence both as an adult and as a result of events carried forward from childhood.

I believe so much of how we are today is shaped throughout our lifetime being exposed to single or a sequence of upsetting, distressing or traumatic experiences which left unprocessed can quietly creep up on us in many forms. These can include; lack of confidence and self-esteem, panic attacks and constant exhausting anxiety, trouble sleeping, feeling flat, eating disorders, low libido and manifesting itself in unhelpful coping mechanisms such as OCD, addiction, phobias, fears and intrusive thoughts. I'm trained integratively which means I can draw from all modalities and techniques to find the one or mix that works best for you. 

I will provide you a health and wellbeing programme adapted to your needs to better manage stress, anxiety and depression alongside the therapy to look at identifying and healing the cause.

I was diagnosed with dyslexia late in life and through this have built a strong understanding of how isolating and lonely being neurodiverse can be, enabling me to successfully support many clients with a range of neurodiverse challenges to feel understood and listened to  

My clients say that I am calm and un-phased, providing a relaxed, safe space to help achieve their counselling goals. That I am able to adapt my approach dependent on what you need; from simply listening through, with permission, to being more direct, challenging and to the point

I provide ‘in-person’ counselling at my private practice in Canterbury and virtual counselling sessions via Zoom with availability in the evenings and at weekends at a standard cost of £60 per session.



Counselling qualifications:

  • Level 2 qualification - listening skills
  • Level 2 mental health awareness award
  • Level 3 qualification in counselling skills
  • Level 4 diploma in therapeutic counselling
  • Level 6 diploma in imagery re-scripting for childhood trauma
  • EMDR (Europe) therapist 
  • Transactional Analysis 101

I have also completed further training in:

  • Childhood trauma
  • PTSD
  • Managing Anxiety
  • Managing Depression
  • Working with Suicidal Thoughts
  • Working with Anger and Rage
  • Working with Sexual and Physical Abuse.
  • Working with Domestic Abuse
  • Working with Coercion and Control
  • Additional training courses in Attachment and Bonding.
  • Working with Dreams and Nightmares
  • Working with Eating Issues
  • Working with Neurodiversity
  • Working with Young People
  • Equality, Diversity & Inclusion
  • Trauma and Risk Management
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Training in working Online and by Telephone

Professional standards;

I am a Registered and Accredited Member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (MBACP)

My work is regularly supervised and monitored according to the professional ethical standards of the BACP. I have been cleared by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS), I am fully insured for professional liability.