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Infertility issues and Pregnancy loss 

Infertility can be very distressing and evoke many complex feelings and emotions for all involved. The path through IVF can feel like an emotional rollercoaster you can feel isolated and unsupported whilst trying to navigate your way through this very complex and stressful time. I can offer you a safe place to explore your fears and help you work through the options presented to you which can feel overwhelming. The emotional stressors of infertility can lead to you feel anxious or experience a low mood. The  pregnancy itself also may be complicated or difficult which can add to the emotional mix.  Anxiety or low mood  in pregnancy has been shown to increase the risk of post natal illness (previously known as post natal depression but can also be anxiety), early recognition and treatment can reduce this risk. 

The emotional stress and complicated trauma associated with pregnancy loss/miscarriage can go unrecognised and can have long-term implications, resulting in general anxiety , emotional issues or depressive feelings and can have an effect on subsequent pregnancies.  I feel passionately that you should have the opportunity to talk through this very painful time. I'm equally conscious that partners are also in need of the same support

I am a qualified fertility counsellor and member of BICA (British Infertility Counselling Association). I have also completed further training in counselling for pregnancy loss and loss of a baby in multiple pregnancy.